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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde

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Atomic Habits by James Clear and The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien

How to play the harmonica

The details (how I got here)

My first administrative job was working directly for the owners of a small manufacturing company in a two-person office. Watching them deal with every issue first hand, I quickly learned the value of being an intuitive and self-motivated assistant who can think like the owner and make things happen. I honed my problem-solving skills and developed effective solutions and systems. I learned to use my creativity to find solutions nobody else thought of.

I eventually moved out of manufacturing and into the legal field where I continued to use these skills to create and maintain effective and efficient procedures, databases, file management systems, and quickly earned the title of Office Ninja. I managed hectic schedules and was often found helping others learn how to work best according to their unique style.

Throughout my career, I have worked for solo attorneys, small law firms, corporate legal departments, and as executive assistant to CEOs and solopreneurs. In each of these roles, I learned to work with different personalities, manage difficult situations, and continued to be actively involved in developing systems to solve problems and inefficiencies. But, too often I ran into those who resisted change or spent too long in meetings discussing what should be done rather than implementing. I witnessed good employees become apathetic as they watched other employees get away with poor attendance, constant tardiness, poor work performance and turnout with little to no consequences. I also watched potential good employees fail time after time due to no guidance and clear direction. And I wanted to fix these issues.

At the beginning of 2020 I left my comfortable corporate job and began to work as a freelance assistant. During that time, I worked for an army of C-Suite coaches for law firms. I learned a lot – both good and bad. I have worked as Practice Administrator, finding solutions to a variety of issues as they arise. I’ve selected and implemented systems and platforms to improve project management and communications, and I have worked to find solutions for a solopreneur to work as an agency.

Now I focus on small businesses and entrepreneurs who do not have in-house administrators or COOs and help them determine what they need from their team to grow and succeed, and how to get it.