Create a culture of effective communication, documented systems, and accountability

Building the systems that run your business and set you and your team up for success

Discuss your goals

We will talk about your business goals and what systems are needed to get you there

Create a plan

We will walk through how you want the system to look and work, where you are now, and what resources are available to begin creating your systems

Draft your policies, procedures, checklists, and templates

Working with either you or your staff (or both) to walk through processes, I will draft the documents and scripts that run your business.

Implementation and training plan

We will work on a training and implementation plan; calendaring release dates and informing your team of what they can expect as we roll out new systems.

Additional Services

  • Business and project management
  • Operational reporting and analaysis
  • Create detailed job descriptions and employment screening
  • General administrative coaching and training (effective team communication, calendar blocking, task batching, time management, email management, meetings that don’t suck, and more)
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